Our Worrying Ways

Author: Christina Graham Parker Labels::

The other day I was taking the kids to school when Little C had one of those all consuming drama fits the way only eight-year-old girls can.  No, her brother wasn’t picking on her and no one had told her she had to go to bed before eight o’clock. The problem? She needed to learn the states and their capitals.

For next year.

 That’s right. She had a complete meltdown over the fact she didn’t know something ten months prior to when she needed to know it.  I eventually calmed her down and promised that as the time grew near for when she needed to know the states and capitals, we’d help her.  “I promise,” I told her. “There isn’t any reason to worry about it now.”

It’s easy for us as adults to grin at stories like that, but as I went about my day it hit me – I do the same thing.  Sure, my worries are different and I usually don’t have a meltdown over them, but how many times do I catch myself worrying over something?

“What kind of shape will I be in physically and mentally in twenty years? Ten? Five?”

“What if everyone hates my book?”

“Am I messing my kids up for life?”

Just this weekend, every time I thought ahead to today, I found myself worrying over two meetings I had at work.

And heaven help me if I ever wake up at two a.m. with something on my mind. I’ll never get back to sleep!

So where does that leave us? I don’t know about you, but I like to think that when I’m in the middle of a worry fit, my heavenly Father’s looking down on me saying, “It’s okay. When the time comes, I’ll help you through it. And I promise, there isn’t any reason to worry about it now.” 

  1. I so needed this. Beautifully written..

  1. Thank you, Ginger! This wasn't actually the blog post I planned to write, but I couldn't get away from it.

  1. I confess I am a worrier! What a comforting thought - I needed it too!

  1. Thank you, Jane! It's nice to know I'm not the only worrier out there.

  1. When I started to read this I thought, "she is her mother's child!". When I finished reading I thought, "she will be just fine. She is her mother's child!" Andrea

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