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Lexy Newberry has discovered an error on her birth certificate – the
birth year is off by over four hundred years.

Lexy knows she’s adopted, but someone forgot to mention her birth
parents are sixteenth-century monarchs who sent her to the future to
escape certain slaughter. Now Lexy is back in the past, living an
unusual fairytale. She’s not the normal storybook princess – she’s
used to electricity, comfortable clothing, and equal rights.  Lord
Lukas Reynard, the nobleman responsible for restoring her as rightful
heir to the throne of her homeland, Dresdonia, isn’t a charming prince
by any stretch of the imagination.  He believes women should be seen,
preferably in a restrictive corset, and not heard.

Lexy can overlook their differences for the good of Dresdonia, but she
cannot overlook the growing attraction she feels for Lukas.  Only to
her does he show glimpses of the fragile soul beneath his chilling
fa├žade. Soon she becomes torn between the place she knows in the
future and the place she was born to rule in the past. If she leaves
the sixteenth century, she may lose a love she only dreamed of.  If
she stays, she may lose her life. For Lukas has a secret so shocking,
it could topple the hopes of Dresdonia and shatter her heart.

Now available from AmazonBarnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

Five years ago, Lord Henry left Lady Emmaline alone to face society’s scorn after the two were found in a compromising position.  Now Henry has returned to London as the Duke of Salle, determined to win back the woman he never forgot.

Lady Emmaline believes herself to be happy as a resigned spinster. Though her days are no longer filled with callers and balls, she has found her place in society and has no interest in romance. Her vow to withstand Henry’s renewed advances slowly crumbles, however, under his persistent and unwavering charm.

Finally, they believe, the ghosts of their past have been banished.  That is until a new scandal threatens to separate them. This time, forever.

  1. I am totally looking forward to the release of this novel!!! Christy is a brilliant and captivating author!

  1. Thank you, Kimberly! I'm truly thankful for your support!

  1. Christy I cannot wait to read your book. I am so excited for you.

  1. Great tag line, and the book sounds like fun. Good luck with it!

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